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This game looked cute, so I thought I'd give it a try. Great work so far! I believe this game can go places. Keep creating. :)

Hi! Really cool game to play, but I would say that for me the penguin is walking a little to slow, beside that, great game keep it up!

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Thank you for that, I have been meaning to change the walk cycle, but I think it fits the game’s style right now. Also, I am working part time on a new game with a much better walk cycle. Hope you enjoy the game when it comes out!

yooo i played a little part of your game , really like it and will be making a complete video of it at some point Penguin starts at 6:48

Thanks so much!

Made a video


Thank you!

It was very funny!

Happy you enjoyed the video and it's a pretty good start for the game


Thanks so much!